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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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About is a review and instructional website. It was created for anyone needing information about firearms, shooting, reloading ammunition, ordinary household items or anything else that I can think of. The reviews, photographs and instructions provided represent my personal experience with the item or knowledge gained through my research. Although the website is mostly about firearms and reloading ammunition, I do not advocate shooting, handling or carrying firearms or anything in any manner that is unsafe or illegal.


TANNER is my Internet Name

Tanner Smith


On the internet, I go by the name of "Tanner". I am a former aerospace propellants engineer who lives in Florida near the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). I worked at KSC for about 10 years and achieved the position of Lead Propellant Engineer with my company.

After leaving the space center I invented, patented, manufactured and marketed an oral hygiene device called "The WaterBrush". I even had an infomercial made about it. Unfortunately it didn't make me a million dollars that I was hoping for.

I also took up the hobby of shooting guns at the range. The more I shot, the more interested I became in guns and shooting and eventually began reloading my own ammunition.

My initial purpose in taking pictures and writing reviews was to document information for myself. For example, I purchased a Mossberg shotgun which I use very infrequently (long time in between uses). I had to learn how to detail strip and clean it so I documented this process with photographs and step by step instructions so that I will have this information (in case I forget) the next time I need to clean it.

The internet was a good place to keep this information so I decided to create this website where it will be available to myself and others.


You can connect with Tanner on Google Plus. Or send him an email at


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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