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Ammo Box Review

This dry storage ammo box is from Cabelas. I received it free when I ordered some bulk 22lr ammunition from Cabelas. It was a nice bonus to my order. You can either get this ammo box free with bulk orders of ammunition from Cabelas or order it directly for about $14.


Ammo Box
Ammo Box

The ammo box is all heavy duty molded plastic. It's pretty sturdy and perfect for organizing and storing ammunition at home. It has provisions for locking (see pictures) but anyone with a good screw driver and determination can get into it since it is only plastic. The handle is very sturdy and it has a solid latch.

Dry-Storage Ammunition Box
Cabelas dry ammo storage box
Ammo Boxes from Amazon


  1. Stackable.

  2. Easy to clean and easy to carry.

  3. Lockable.

  4. Inexpensive.


  1. Not waterproof, but it will keep ammunition dry from rain or spray.

  2. Not designed for rough or extreme use, but is fine for general carry and storage.

  3. Not the most secure storage device of ammunition available.

Other Uses

  1. Can be used as a gun cleaning kit.

  2. Makes a good first aid kit.

  3. Makes a good all purpose dry storage box.

  4. Makes a good home emergency kit.

Recommendation: Get Some Of These

If you buy these, get several because they are so versatile you will think of many used for them besides storing ammo. The great thing about them is that they are cheap. Better yet, load up on some bulk ammo and get the boxes for free.

Cabela's Product Description

Cabela's Dry-Storage Ammunition Box
Store ammo in a safe, dry environment
Heavy-duty molded-plastic construction
10% more capacity than earlier models
Built to accommodate easy stacking
Reliable, no-fail brass latch
Sturdy handle carries even heavy, full boxes
Store your bulk ammo with confidence in a safe, dry environment. These heavy-duty molded-plastic dry boxes are new and improved with 10% more capacity. The installed rubber seal locks out moisture. Constructed to
accommodate easy stacking. A no-fail brass latch secures the lid, and the handle will reliably carry even heavy, full boxes. 767-cu.-in. capacity.
Dimensions: 15-3/4"L x 7-3/4"W x 10"H.


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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