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Are Hollow Points Legal In Florida?

It's hard to find a written definitive answer to this question by an authority on the internet. According to all of the websites that I have researched indicate the answer is YES. To be 100 sure contact your local police department or gun store owner.

9mm Hollow Point Ammunition


Carrying Hollow Points In Florida

  1. In my Concealed Carry Weapons Class (taught by the local police department) there was no mention of hollow point bullets ever being illegal.

  2. All the Florida gun stores that I know carry and sell them.

  3. You can order hollow point ammunition online and get it delivered to your door.

  4. Everyone at the shooting range that I go to who has a CCW permit carry them.

  5. They are considered "Safer" to carry than full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition because it minimizes over-penetration.


Here are a few links from other websites/forums which indicate that carrying HollowPoint ammunition in Florida is legal and preferred.

  1. Is it legal in FL to keep hollowpoints in your gun while in public?
    You're good to go. They are not a problem in the Great State of Florida

  2. Are HollowPoints legal in Florida?
    Any bullet is fine in a handgun in FL but armor piercing (AP), and some of us even get to use that.

  3. Chapter 790 of FL Statutes - WEAPONS AND FIREARMS; 790.01 and 790.06 pertains to CC. No mention of any restrictions of ammo type.
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