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Bullet & Barrel Size Comparison: 9mm Luger

Did you know that an unfired 9mm bullet will not fit through the barrel of a 9mm gun (not without a lot of force anyway)? Out of curiosity I took an unfired 9mm Luger plated bullet and placed it in the barrel of a 9mm Glock 26 pistol just to see how closely it would fit inside the barrel.

Unfired 9mm Luger Bullet Won't Fit
In A Glock 26 Barrel

I then took a new live factory round of Blazer Brass 9mm 155gr FMJ and tried to place it into the muzzle of a Glock 26. It too would not fit. The rifling was stopping the bullet from passing through the barrel.


9mm Luger Factory Blazer Brass Bullet won't fit into muzzle of Glock 26.
chamber of a Glock 26
Unfired 9mm Luger bullet fits into the chamber of a Glock 26 but not the barrel.


I emailed a friend with these photos and he responded.. "I do not believe any bullet will fit into the respective caliber barrel muzzle. The bullet should be a line to line fit with the barrel between the rifling. The rifling should then displace the lead causing the bullet to spin as it traverses the barrel." 


I then measured the diameter of the bullets and compared them to the inner diameter of the Glock 26 barrel. According to my measurements (which may not be 100% accurate):

Berry's plated bullet dia. = .3560"
Blazer Brass bullet dia. = .3530"
Inner diameter between rifling = .3550"
Inner diameter at rifling = .3415"


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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New bullets don't fit in the end of the barrel

September 8, 2012
I have an old German 8mm Mauser. The new bullets don't fit in the end of the barrel. I don't know if the bullet changes shape once fired to fit through or not. The gun condition is excellent.


Ammo For A H&R Top Break Revolver

February 6, 2012
Are any ammunition sizes changeable with the S&W38cal for a H&R top break 5 shot revolver?

Response - Shotgun1

Sorry, I don't know.



July 5, 2011
Would 9mm luger bullets fit in a glock 19?


Response - Shawn,

The Glock 19 is made to shoot 9mm Luger bullets but they won't push through the barrel of the gun with your fingers. They have to be pushed through the barrel (and the rifling) by the force of the fired cartridge. Best regards,



November 30, 2010
Try hammering the round in. I'm sure it'll go.