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Garrity KN300G Emergency Lamp Review


GARRITY 8 LED Touch 'N Lite® LED Wall/Desk Light Item #KN300G
GARRITY 8 LED Touch 'N Lite®
LED Wall/Desk Light Item #KN300G


GARRITY 8 LED Touch 'N Lite®

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GARRITY 8 LED Touch 'N Lite® LED Wall/Desk Light Item #KN300G


8 LEDs - Brings You More Light! Another innovative addition to the Garrity Touch `N Lite family, this 8 LED light is great for your office, closet, garage, or tent. Wherever you need long lasting, hands-free lighting. The LED's (light-emitting diodes) never need replacement. The 3 AA Duracell® batteries included with the light last 10 times longer than with a standard incandescent bulb, and provide up to 45 hours of burn time. Light includes adhesive backed hook and loop for hanging on the wall - simply push the On/Off button on the front of the light. If you prefer, use the light on your desktop or nightstand, and operate by pushing down on the light. Two light settings, 100% and 50%.


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011
Subject: Garrity KN300G Emergency Lamp

hi, I'm looking for Garrity KN300G Emergency Lamp. A friend had one-- it was so bright. Great for in the house.

I have been on sooo many sites-- different stores looking for this particular lite.

If anyone- should know of any place where I might find one... please feel free to contact me. Thank u for ur time.

Response - Sheri,

You are right. They are currently hard or impossible to find. According the Garrity website.

You can buy Garrity lighting products at most major retailers in the United States and Canada. Following are some of the retailers that carry our products. Garrity is a Duracell brand and part of the Procter & Gamble Company. Should you prefer to contact us by telephone, please call our consumer relations department at (800)-551-2355, or simply go to the "Contact" button and complete the online request form.

I would ask Garrity directly with their contact form (link below).

Best regards,


Thanks for the response.. it's actually nice to hear from someone. Thanks again. I am taking ur suggestion -- to contactr Garrity directly. They had kind of a funky site-- so, thanks again-- for the link.

It really was just the coolest-- with it being so bright. I happened to ask my friend where he had gotten it0- he thought Target or Lowes/Home Depot.. couldn't remember..haha. Keep ur fingers crossed for me.

Thank u for ur time
sincerely, Sheri


Sent: May 2, 2011
Subject: Garrity Flashlight

I bought A garrity ;small; flashlight at A rummage sale over A year ago. The thing still burns great! nowhear to replace battries or to recharge!!  Rick