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Garrity KN300G Emergency Lantern Review


GARRITY 4 LED Lantern with Smart LITE® 5-Function Switch Item #K013G
GARRITY 4 LED Lantern with Smart LITE®


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GARRITY 4 LED Lantern with Smart LITE®


Safety and Brightness in a Lightweight, Compact, Long-Lasting Lantern! Talk about a great camping item. This terrific compact Lantern powers up with 4 L.E.D.s that help batteries last 10X longer: 800 hours on Low Beam, 400 hours on Medium, and 200 hours on High. Dependable performance combines with a Smart LITE® 5-Function Switch (including flash modes) and easy-to-read Battery Power Meter, and the handy Carry Handle allow even the littlest camper to tote the lantern effortlessly and safely! Convenient size packs up easily with tent gear. In Silver or Red.



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