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How To Store Home Defense Handguns

Where is the best place to keep hand guns to be ready for home invasion? Each circumstance would be different depending on the size, layout and conditions of your home environment. Your neighborhood and crime level in your area would also be factors to consider. How many people live there? Are their children? Typically you want to place handguns in safe locations where you will have fast access to the gun when needed. Most people who have handguns in their homes for protections against a home intruder have one by their bedside. People who have larger houses may have more than one gun placed at different ends of the house to minimize retrieval times. Think carefully where you place and store your handguns at home. Check the laws in your area concerning handguns in the home.

Glock 19 In Soft Case
With "Loaded" Tag


Where do you keep your home defense handguns?

Do you keep them loaded? Do you keep them locked up or in a gun safe? Here are some tips and suggestions as to placement, storage and handling of home defense handguns.


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Glock 19 in soft case
showing "loaded" label
Glock 26 in soft case
with "loaded" tag



Storage of Defensive Handguns at Home

Even though I live alone, I store my Glock 19 and Glock 26 as shown in the above pictures. I keep them in a soft holster with a loaded magazine (but nothing in the chamber). I also dry fire the gun leaving it with the trigger in the "pulled back" position before I place it in the holster. As an extra security measure I make a small tag and label it "loaded" and insert it into the holster after the gun in installed. This provide me four safety factors:

  1. The visible label reminds me that the gun is loaded.

  2. The holster prevents me from accidentally placing my trigger finger on the trigger until I draw the weapon from the holster (after I confirm that there is a danger or immediate threat).

  3. With the trigger in the "pulled back" position it is impossible for me to fire the gun. It also serves as a visible reminder that the gun is not ready to shoot.

  4. I still have to rack the slide to put a round in the chamber before firing.

Storing a Glock handgun in this way allows me to quickly grab the gun, then go assess the threat without any fear of accidental discharges. Only if there were real danger would I remove the gun from it's holster then rack the slide. Also, the added LOADED label would serve as a warning to others who may stumble across the weapon. It puts them on notice that the gun is loaded. The above safety factors would apply to them as well.


Where Do You Place Defensive Handguns in the Home?

I started out placing my Glock 19 in the night stand next to my bed. That seemed to be the most logical place to respond to night time home invasion/burglary.  I keep an extra loaded magazine as well as extra ammo and a Glock magazine loader. If something happened during the day or evening that I might need a weapon I would have to run all the way to the bedroom to retrieve the handgun. That was too far and would take too long. I decided to place an additional gun in my kitchen cabinet to provide quick access during the day. This gun I keep in a quick access lock box. That way if someone entered my house during the night he would not have access to the weapon, but I would have the Glock 19 in my bedroom.


Handgun in Kitchen Cabinet

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Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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FeedBack Messages: How To Store Your Home Defense Handguns


Sent: October 20, 2011
Subject: Keeping Your Gun Safe Locked

I have a s&w 637 revolver. I just purchased a stackon digital lock box to keep my revolver in. I keep it loaded and on my nightstand right next to the bed. I keep it locked all the time except when I go to bed at night. I open in when I go to bed and put my car keys right next to the gun. that way I am forced to lock it when I leave the house in the morning. It also insures that it is locked during the day in case any kids come over. The only trade off is that I didnt secure the safe with the srews to the nightstand, wifey doesnt want holes in the furniture. However, I must say that the putting the keys in at night with the safe opened is very effective.


Sent: July 1, 2011
Subject: Keeping A Second Home Defense Handgun

Thanks, this article brings up some good points. I like the idea of keeping a 2nd gun downstairs but in a lock box so an intruder wouldn't have access to it.
Glock Owner