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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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If My Dog Eats Airsoft BBs Will It Harm Him?

A few days ago my neighbor got his son an Airsoft gun which shoots little colorful plastic BBs. The boy began shooting his gun at targets in his own yard. The problem is that some of the BBs ricochet from his target and land in my yard where my dog Cody finds them and eats them.

Airsoft BBs
Airsoft BBs

Yesterday when I let Cody into my house (I have a fenced in yard) he was chewing on something. I made him spit it out and it was one of the airsoft BBs. I then went outside and performed a walk-down of my entire yard to collect all the BBs that I could find. I found about forty of them. I then went inside and did an internet search to see if my dog eats these BBs will it harm him.

Will Airsoft BBs Hurt Dogs If They Eat Them?

I could not find a definitive answer but from what I can tell the answer is "probably not". Most likely they will pass through his system without problem but it would be a good idea to clean up the yard and prevent him from eating them if possible.

This is Cody. The BB eating dog.


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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