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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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Pocket Hand Guns

When I it took up target practice and shooting at the range I never thought that I would ever get a concealed weapons permit that allows you to carry a concealed firearm in the state of Florida.  However my interest in handguns increased the more I practiced at the range.  I thought to myself that since I now know how to safely handle and shoot handguns after a year of weekly range trips, I would look into the possibility of getting a concealed weapons permit that would allow me to legally carry a firearm for personal protection.  I figured since I have all this training and experience behind me why the heck not.  At a minimum I would have the license that would allow me to "carry" even if I never carried at all. 

Ruger LCP Pocket Hand Gun
Ruger LCP Pocket Hand Gun


Having looked at and reviewed many of the available handguns that others have selected for concealed weapons I decided on the Glock 26 pistol as my personal choice for concealed weapons carry (I later switched to a Ruger LCP for pocket carry). I looked at all the different ways by which people carry guns, on their ankle, outside the belt, inside the belt, Mexican carry, under the arm carry, belly band carry, and so forth and for me they were all uncomfortable.  That is why I selected pocket carry as the best method for me to carry a handgun. 


Price Comparison For .380 Pocket Pistols
Prices as of 11/29/2010

Kel-Tec P-3AT Ruger LCP Taurus Model 738 TCP
Kel-Tec P-3AT
.380 ACP 6+1
Ruger LCP
.380 ACP 6+1
Taurus Model 738 TCP
Stainless .380 ACP 6+1
Price: $243.00 Price: $284.00 Price: $264.00


You will never lose it because it is always with you, unlike guns that are placed in coats, vests, purses, fanny packs or elsewhere where you may become separated from your firearm. Your handgun is readily available and easily accessed with one hand. 



The handgun and or caliber is of small size and may not sufficient for personal protection.



  1. I initially chose the Glock 26 semiautomatic pistol as my personal choice for a concealed handgun. But the Glock 26 is considered large for a pocket gun. It will fit inside the front pants pocket of cargo pants and some baggy jeans.  The great thing about a Glock 26 is that it is a Glock with all the reliability and history behind it.  It also holds ten rounds of ammunition which is far more than its competitors hold.  However, the additional ammunition also creates additional weight, so a fully loaded Glock 26 in your pants pocket may have the tendency of pulling your pants down, so tighten your belt. 

  2. I bought a variety of holsters to try with my Glock 26 at different positions on my body.  I've tried it on my ankle, the front side to my waist, my backside, and both sides of my waist as well as with a Belly Band and found them all to be uncomfortable or very noticeable that I was carrying a gun under my clothing. I am not one who likes to wear un-tucked shirts when I go out in public.  This makes carrying a concealed weapon more difficult for me. I did compare the Glock 26 with other subcompact 9mm handguns.  The other guns may have been lighter and slimmer but they did not carry as many rounds in that magazine and did not have the reliability history that the Glock has.  For me it was the Glock 26 and 9mm or go to a different caliber size. 

  3. I also looked into the next step down in caliber size which is the 38 ACP. Many people feel that this caliber is too small to be used for self defense.  But since I looked like there were no other choices I looked into this a little bit further and found the Ruger LCP and the Kel Tec 3PAT to be viable options.  Both of these guns turned out to be very similar to each other and their size, weight and configuration was ideal for pocket carry.  Of the two of them I would have chosen the Ruger LCP because the slide locks back when the magazine is empty plus it has the Ruger reputation and history behind it whereas the Kel Tek is a fairly new gun. 

  4. Research into both of these guns did not leave me with a nice warm feeling.  I found people talking about jams and various problems associated with each of the guns.  Although they were perfect in form and in size for pocket carry, I did not find them 100 % reliable and therefore I opted for the Glock 26. Some people say that if you get a concealed weapons permit you should carry a gun with you at all times and everywhere you go.  They seem to imply that it is your duty if you have a concealed carry permit and an obligation to carry your gun for your protection and the protection of others.  Well, I am not the Sheriff of a town or the protector of all people.  I just want the ability to protect myself when I unknowingly venture into dangerous areas or as situations arise. 


UPDATE - I found the Glock 26 to be too large and heavy for comfortable pocket carry and have since purchased and carry a Ruger LCP. It is so light and comfortable in the pocket I hardly know it's there.


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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