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Remington Ultimate Home Defense Ammunition
410 Bore 2-1/2" 000 Buckshot 4 Pellets, #410B000HD

410 shot shells as home or personal defense ammunition? My friend bought some Remington 410 Buckshot Shot Shells to test in his Bond Snake Slayer Derringer to see how manageable they were to shoot (recoil) and to see what type of damage they would do to a paper target 10 feet away. He also performed other ammunition tests.

Remington 410 Buckshot Shot Shells


The Home Defense Ammunition has 4 pellets. You can get a rough idea of the spread pattern at 10 feet by looking at the photo below. When fired from the derringer, the recoil was not light but it was manageable. The sound made coming out of the derringer was impressive and made a statement as to the power of the shell.


Remington 410 Bore 2-1/2" 000 Buckshot Pictures

Bond Snake Slayer Derringer


Customers have trusted Remington ammunition since its infancy, so choosing a box of their shells when it comes time to protecting their home and everything in it is an easy decision. Loaded with heavy density, tungsten bronze iron pellets, this ammunition is hard-hitting and promises very tight groups at short distances as well as high energy levels and great stopping power.

Technical Information
• Gauge/Bore: 410
• Shell Length: 2-1/2"
• Shot Size: 000 Buckshot
• Number of Pellets: 4

Ballistics Information:
• Muzzle Velocity: 1225 fps


410 Shot Shell Pattern

This is the shot shell pattern of the Remington Ultimate Home Defense Ammunition 410 Bore 2-1/2" 000 Buckshot 4 Pellets. For other shot patterns see Shot Patterns: Bond Derringer Shooting 410 Shot Shell & 45 Long Colt Ammunition.


Remington 410 Buckshot 4 Pellet Shot Shell Pattern; 2 Shots Fired; Distance: 10 ft.; Shot from a derringer.


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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