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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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Remington Squeeg-E Gun Barrel Cleaner Review

My friend and I purchased a couple of these Rem Squeeg-E Pull-Through Barrel Cleaners because they were something new and they looked like a good idea. If they worked as advertised they would save a little money in the cost of patches and keep the insides of our gun barrels "squeaky clean". Besides, they were cheap and worth investigating.

Remington Squeeg-E 
Rem Squeeg-E Pull-Through Barrel Cleaners


We both cleaned our gun barrels with them for the first time yesterday. I cleaned my Glock 19 barrel with one and my friend cleaned his Glock 17 barrel with one. We were both disappointed.


Cleaning A Glock 9MM Barrel With The Squeeg-E

Remington Squeeg-E Gun Cleanin Part Review Remington Squeeg-E Gun Cleanin Part Review Gun Cleaning at Amazon    


Remington Squeeg-E Evaluation

  1. I first cleaned my Glock 19 barrel as usual with Break Free CLP. I left the barrel "wet".

  2. Instead of running a dry patch through for the next step it I used a Squeeg-E. The only way to use the it was to run my cleaning rod through the barrel then screw on the Squeeg-E. I then had to use quite a bit of force to pull it through. When it gave (finally moved) it made a squeegee type noise.

  3. I could see a little bit of crud and oil on the first ring of the Squeeg-E. See pictures.

  4. I then ran a clean patch through about ten times to see if it left any residue. It did. See pictures.

  5. This is what my friend said about his Squeeg-E - "I just finished using it and also give it thumbs down. It has to be pulled thru and I still got some debris on the patch after using the squeegee three times. It will probably result in using fewer patches but does not live up the standards I would like for my last cleaning patch thru."

Problems I Had Using The Remington Squeeg-E Barrel Cleaner

  1. You can't use it like you would a cleaning patch, running it back and forth through the barrel. The Squeeg-E can only be pulled through the barrel (not pushed). The fit was too tight for it to be pushed.

  2. To use it, I had to insert the cleaning rod through the barrel of my gun first, then screw the Squeeg-E on to the end of the rod because it can only be used as a pull device. This was inconvenient.

  3. The instructions said to pull it slowly and evenly through the barrel. This was impossible to do. It was so hard to pull, that once it began to move it came out quickly.

  4. The Squeeg-E did a poor job in removing all of the crud. See the pictures of the cotton patch AFTER using the Squeeg-E.


Remington Squeeg-E Barrel Cleaner Recommendation

NOT RECOMMENDED! The Squeeg-E was harder to use than regular cleaning patches and did not clean the barrel of the gun as well as the patches. Even though they are inexpensive, you might as well save your money and go buy some more patches.        



Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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