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What Is A Misfire?


9mm Luger Primer Misfire/Dud
This is the reloaded 9mm Luger round of ammunition that failed to fire (FTF) at the shooting range.

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A misfire is a malfunction of the cartridge of a gun. Specifically it is a malfunction of the primer or gunpowder of the cartridge. Misfires can be categorized as duds, hang-fires and squibs. Duds happen when the primer is struck by the firing pin and nothing happens (failure to discharge). A hang-fire is when you have a delayed discharge (you pull the trigger and the gun fires after a few seconds or more). A squibs occurs when their is insufficient gunpowder or insufficient burning of the gunpowder and the bullet gets stuck in the barrel.

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Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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