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What Is Reloading? (Ammunition)


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Reloading ammunition is not quite as the name implies. Only one part (the casing) of a fired round of ammunition is reused for reloading. The bullet, gunpowder and primer which also makeup a complete cartridge are consumed during the firing process and cannot be reused. In essence, reloading involves the cleaning of the spent case, the reshaping of the case to specifications, the expansion of the case mouth (to accept a new bullet, the removal of the old primer, the installation of a new primer, the filling of the case with gunpowder, the insertion of a new bullet to the proper depth and the securing of the bullet to the casing by crimping. Reloading is performed by many to increase the accuracy of their ammunition, save money on ammunition, make ammunition when ammo is in short supply and to custom taylor their ammunition for guns/shooting objectives.




Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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