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What Is The Anvil Of A Primer? (Ammunition)


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The anvil of a pistol primer is the part that holds the shock sensitive explosive against the bottom of the primer and also provide a "flash hole" for the flame to ignite the gun powder. The anvil is the structure that crushes against and detonates the explosive.

A modern pistol primer is a small metal container (cup) that is open on one end and rounded on the other. This cup is usually made from a soft metal such as brass or copper. A small amount of an impact sensitive explosive compound (commonly lead styphnate) is placed in the cup and is held against the back of the cup by a three legged metal "anvil". A sealant may be applied to the anvil and explosive compound to guard against moisture and exposure from oils and chemicals (contamination). The sudden impact of a firing pin on the back of the primer dents the back of the cup inward and squeezes the explosive between the anvil and the wall of the cup. This impact causes the explosive to detonate shooting a small flame forward through the flash hole igniting the gun powder inside the bullet casing. The rapidly burning gun powder (smokeless powder) increases the pressure in the casing and forces the bullet down the barrel of the gun.





Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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