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What Is Bullet Setback?

Cartridges sometimes may be damaged or altered in some way and can cause an unsafe condition. An example is a cartridge that has had the bullet pushed back deeper than normal into the casing. This can change the combustion space characteristics and gunpowder burn rate boosting pressures two unacceptable and unsafe levels. Repeated loading and unloading of the same cartridge can cause a condition known as setback. When bullets have been pushed deeper into the case, the overall length of the round is noticeably shorter than other rounds of like make or style.

What Is Bullet Setback? Guns & Ammunition 



Do not chamber and eject the same rounds and repeatedly!  This can cause bullet setback. Firing rounds with bullet setback can possibly damage the firearm and/or cause personal injury. 


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Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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