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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)
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Winchester .22 Caliber Long Rifle Ammunition Review

I purchased this Winchester 22LR Ammunition online. The first time I took it to the shooting range I tried it out with my Smith & Wesson 22a, Walther P22 and Smith & Wesson 617 Revolver.


Winchester .22 Caliber Long Rifle Ammunition
Winchester .22 Caliber
Long Rifle Ammunition


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Winchester .22 Caliber Long Rifle Ammunition
Shooting Results

Smith & Wesson Model 617, 22LR, 10 Shot Revolver
On average, one out of every 50 rounds misfired. Upon examination of the misfired round, you can see the indent made from the firing pin. When fired a second time, the round fired properly.

Walther P22, .22 LR, Pistol
About 25% of the rounds failed to fire properly in the pistol. This was so frustrating, that I had to stop shooting.  

Smith & Wesson .22 LR Pistol, Model 22a
About 25% of the rounds failed to fire properly in the pistol. This was so frustrating, that I had to stop shooting. 



NOT RECOMMENED for semi-automatic pistols. RECOMMENDED for revolvers.

The Good: Inexpensive bulk ammunition. It has the Winchester brand name.

The Bad: Causes frequent misfires and jams in semi-automatic pistols. Occasional bent round.



I would buy it again but it would not be my first choice when selecting .22 caliber ammunition for my hand guns. It caused numerous failures in both of my semiautomatic pistols and occasional failures in my revolver. I attribute the failures in the pistols to the fact that it is a hollow point round and not a high velocity round. I don't know what to attribute its failure in the revolver.  

I would suspect that the quality control program for this brand of bulk ammunition needs some improvement as depicted in the above pictures showing one normal round with two defective rounds. I found one of these defective rounds in each box of ammunition (333 rounds per box). 

I've come to conclusion that most semiautomatic .22 LR caliber pistols shoot better with ball type, full metal jacket high velocity ammunition. 


Authored By Mike Coviello (Tanner)


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Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011
Subject: Rigarmi-Brescia-cal.635

i have a rigarmi-brescia-cal.635<25> and when i shot it it shot once then jammed? how can i fix that? Elizabeth

Response - Elizabeth,

Sorry, but I have no knowledge of that handgun.

You don't say how it jammed and how you cleared the jam. Did the jam happen only once or multiple times?

Jams may be caused by a number of factors including mechanical problems, how you hold and shoot the gun and the ammunition that you use.

Sorry I could not be of more help. Good luck.



Sent: December 9, 2010
Subject: Winchester Bulk Ammunition

I totally agree with your comments regarding the Winchester bulk ammunition. I'm using it in a Smith and Wesson Model 617, six shot revolver and some of the cartridges will not fit in the cylinder. I just throw them away. I haven't had any failures to fire and overall it doesn't shoot too bad. I won't even consider using it in my semi-automatic. I have been using Blazer 40 grain lead round nose ammunition in my M22A semi-automatic and have not had a failure to fire, faliure to feed, failure to extract, or failure to eject ever.