Glock Firing Pin #4




Glock Firing Pin for a Glock 19


Glock Firing Pin #4



What Is A Glock Firing Pin?

Where Can I Buy It?

The Glock firing pin (or striker) is that part of the pistol that moves forward (after you press the trigger) and strikes the primer of the chambered round which in turn ignites the powder and sends the bullet flying out of the barrel of the gun. You can buy a Glock Firing Pin at..

Removal/Installation Instructions

To remove the Glock firing pin you must first field strip the gun, then disassemble the slide, then disassemble the Glock firing pin assembly to get to the actual firing pin. Procedures for performing those tasks are..
  1. Glock Field Strip Instructions

  2. Glock Slide Disassembly & Cleaning

  3. Glock Firing Pin Assembly Disassembly & Assembly Instructions



Replacement Interval

The Glock firing pin should require no maintenance other than periodic cleaning and inspection. Inspect and clean your firing pin every 5,000 rounds (or best judgement). Do not lubricate the firing pin. The Glock firing pin should last the life of the gun and should never need to be replaced.


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Item #4 is the Glock firing pin of the Glock firing pin assembly. For more information about Glock firing pin parts and assembly see Glock Parts Exploded View Diagram.