Glock Rear Sight #15




Glock Rear Sight 

Glock Rear Sight #15



What Is A Glock Rear Sight?

The Glock Rear Sight is the sight at the back of the Glock pistol.  

Removal/Installation Instructions

To remove the Glock Rear Sight you must field strip the gun then remove the cover plate per the below procedures.
  1. Glock Field Strip Instructions

  2. Sight Removal/Installation Coming Soon



Replacement Interval

The Glock Rear Sight should require no maintenance. The Glock Rear Sight should last the life of the gun and should never need to be replaced.


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The Glock Rear Sight is item #15 in the picture. For more information about the Glock Rear Sight see Glock Parts Exploded View Diagram.