Glock Receiver/Glock Frame #16




Glock Receiver Frame

This picture shows the receiver of a Glock 19 (some components still installed).



Glock Receiver/Glock Frame #16



What Is A Glock Receiver/Glock Frame?

The Glock Receiver is the main body of the Glock Pistol. It's the part that contains the serial number. It contains the grip and the operating parts of the firearm. With reference to handguns (revolvers and pistols) the receiver is also called the frame of the gun.  

Removal/Installation Instructions

Upgrades & Enhancements



Replacement Interval

The Glock Receiver/Glock Frame should require no maintenance other than periodic cleaning and inspection. NA


For more information about the Glock Receiver/Glock Frame see Glock Parts Exploded View Diagram.